Unioriental Optics Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of laser crystal, nonlinear crystal ,high precision optical components and assemblies. It is a company that integrates R & D, production and sales. Products are widely used in semiconductor, electronics, measuring instruments, surveying equipment, medical equipment, laser and optical communications ,space aviation,solar energy ,military and defense and other fields. Unioriental develops its own crystal growing furnaces based on Czochralski growth technique. It is fully computerized controlled and all data automatically stored and analyzed which can best optimized the enviroment during growing processes ,sothat ensures  material homogeneity and stablity. Unioriental production base locates in Hefei and equips with complete production lines including growth furnaces, grinding and polishing machines,ultrasonic cleaning and coating machines and lens and optical systems assemblying tools.  Meanwhile Unioriental is also equiped with full set of inspection lines in order to make sure each specification within drawings requirement before delivery.  


Unioriental is an ISO certified company with advanced quality control system and implementing standards in order to achieve strict control and traceable  of quality from raw material to finished products. The company has complete production , inspection lines and sound laborotaries .Pursing of perfect quality is our upholding quality management objective. We have always emphasizing on cultivating and developing our R&D ability and organized a high level management and technical team. Mr. Peter Hu,founder and president of Unioriental,has more than 20 years experience in crystal growth and fabrication industry . We have outstanding management and experienced teammates  in company management, HR, Sales &Marketing,Prouction, R&D, QC & QA ,etc.


In strict accordance with industrial standards of production and processing, world advanced fabrication precisioness is our advantage in optical industry and we have been enlarging this advantage by continuously developing and reasearching new fabrication technologies. Unioriental produces high level laser crystals like YLF,LISAF,LICAF,YAG,YVO4,nonlinear crystals like LBO,BBO,KTP,KDP,KD*P,LINBO3, DUV grade fluoride single optical crystals like MGF2,BAF2,CAF2,LIF , various high precisioness optics like windows, lens, mirrors,beamsplitters,waveplates,prisms,filters,etc and optical assemblies like laser lens,imaging lens,ocular lens,objective lens, focusing lens, mounted mirrors, mounted beamsplitters,etc. Most of our products are exported to western Europe, Former USSR ,Japan,North America and we have stable customer network and efficient sales channels .Most of our customers are famous production-orieneted  companies, renowned researching institutions and universities. Based on " People Oriented, Customer First " spirit of service,Unioriental hopes to be the world's best supplier of laser crystal,nonlinear crystal,optical crystal,optical components and assemblies ,as well as to be your trustworthy business partner during your marketing .

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