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  • The basic function of the lens is to achieve the beam transformation (modulation), the main role is to image the image sensor in the photosensitive surface. The quality of the lens directly affects the overall performance of the visual system.

    Lens can be divided into telephoto lens, standard lens, wide-angle lens. It also can usually be divided into security lens (CCTV lens), industrial automation lens (FA lens), broadcast-level lens (Broadcast lens), high-definition (Lens) by use. Lens is usually divided into macro (macro lens) Accuracy or megapixel camera (High Resolution or million pixels lens) in machine vision industry. Of course, these categories are not strictly delimited. For the optical parameters of the lens we can focus f, aperture (relative aperture), image field (ie, support the CCD chip size) and aberration (such as distortion, field curvature, etc.) as the internal parameters of the lens, and The following figure is a simple visual system of the main parameters of the external needs of the lens, usually the user to build the visual system are most concerned about, including the FOV, Resolution, WD and DOF.


    Our lens based on industrial image acquisition, processing and other special requirements, through constant understanding of market demand and applications, and constantly optimize of the optical and mechanical design, we tailored professional industrial lens products for machine vision of our customers. These products are widely used in non- Marking machine vision, auto parts detection, sorting, production line detection and assembly, surface defect detection, packaging, road monitoring and other fields, the main features are:

    1.High standards of design and stable quality

    Using high-standard optical performance technology to achieve the product's high-quality optical properties.

    2. High resolution

    High-resolution optical design, compatible with mainstream 2MP industrial camera is suitable for cell size 5.5um and below, and chip size 2/3 "2-megapixel camera. Full-field resolution of up to 100lp / mm is to ensure the image Clarity.

    3. High uniformity

    By controlling the attenuation of the edge light, that is, using a wide-angle lens, you can get a whole, bright, clear image.

    4. Wide spectrum

    Wide spectrum, high pass rate, 400-1000nm, compatible with VISTA and NIR band.

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