JD-T501 Laser Lidar Return
  • Scan Distance

    0.1-30m normal white target,0.1-1010% reflectivity,high reflectivity and max distance detection : 50m

    Range Accuracy




    Point Collecting rate


    Angle resolution

    0.225° -0.45 °

    Scanning angle


    Scanning time

    200-100ms/time (Motor speed 300-600 rps)。




    Can be set speed through the serial port, the signal strength level and fault codes can be read, etc.


    Ambient temperature

    -10 to 50°

    Power supply


    Power consumption

    <3W   5V@500MA

    Exterior dimension


  • JD-T501 laser radar is pulsed laser scanning ranging module, TOF solution. It send the single laser pulse to the target and calculate and process the  round trip time from the laser pulse echo back diffused target, and send the distance and angle of the operation target data information to other device.

    Product characteristics and advantages

    TOF Solution, the measure distance can be 50 m, with accuracy of 5cm.

    Collecting frequency is high.

    360° direction scanning.

    Wide range of applications.

    Using 905nm invisible light, sensor safety level 1, safety guarantee under usual conditions

    Target application

    Service robot automatic obstacle avoidance and path planning

    Industrial robot target recognition and range detection

    AGV and other logistics robots or systems

    Unmanned aerial vehicle

    Driving AIDS and so on

     Application Range

    Service Robot Planning, Navigation, Abstacle Avoiding.


    Industry Robot AGV                        Unmanned Automobile 

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